EOS Platinum Plus Lotion


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Rejuvenate nightly with EOS Platinum Plus Lotion.

  • Antiseptic properties for rash and sun damage repair
  • Improves skin texture and pigmentation
  • Soothes and heals overnight for a refreshed morning
  • Specially formulated for rosacea, redness, and itchy skin

The Night-time Skin Revitalizer
EOS Platinum Plus Lotion is a specialized antiseptic skin treatment designed to address a range of skin concerns, from enlarged pores to sun damage. Ideal for rash-prone or sun-damaged skin, this lotion works overnight to deliver a healing touch to areas of imperfection.

Why EOS Platinum Plus Lotion?

  • Antiseptic Treatment: Targets skin issues such as rashes, inflammation, and redness with its antiseptic properties.
  • Skin Texture Improvement: Works to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven pigmentation for a smoother complexion.
  • Healing and Soothing: Offers a soothing effect on itchy skin and conditions like rosacea, promoting a calm, even skin tone.

The EOS Advantage:

  • Deep Penetration: Active ingredients absorb deeply into the skin overnight, focusing on areas of damage and imperfection.
  • Versatile Application: Can be used as the second step in the EOS Acne Complex System or as a standalone treatment.
  • Natural and Safe: A natural product that is toxicologically certified, ensuring safety and purity in your skincare routine.

Usage Guidelines

Your Overnight Skin Ally

  • Application: Apply generously to clean, un-moisturized skin at night using a cotton wool disc, allowing it to dry to a chalky mask.
  • Routine: Ideal as the second step after cleansing with EOS Platinum or EOS Gold, as part of your nightly skincare regimen.
  • Morning Removal: Wash off any residue in the morning to reveal skin that is refreshed and revitalized.

Let EOS Platinum Plus Lotion work its magic overnight, and wake up to skin that feels renewed and deeply cared for.

"For optimal results, we recommend a commitment of at least 3 months. While many users observe improvements within weeks, clinical studies indicate that a minimum of 45 days is required to see a reduction in hair loss. To fully activate new hair growth and experience the complete benefits, a duration of 5 months is advised."
Dr. Galina Zigmond
Chief Medical Researcher

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