Our Dynamic Discounts and Rewarding Loyalty Program

At Satura UK, we understand the importance of your commitment to superior hair and skin care.

As part of our dedication to enhancing your journey, we offer a dynamic range of discounts and a comprehensive loyalty program.

Our goal is to make every interaction with us not just a purchase but a step towards better care with rewarding experiences.

Let’s explore how you can maximize the benefits of our flexible discount options and loyalty program, specifically designed to complement your choice of treatments.

Flexible Discount Options: Tailored to Your Needs

Percentage and Fixed Discounts: Enjoy a variety of discounts, including both percentage and fixed amount options. These discounts are designed to provide flexibility and surprise in your shopping experience, with details that change monthly.

Buy X Get X Deals (BOGO): These special promotions offer added value for selected products. The details of BOGO deals vary, providing a refreshing and exciting shopping experience each time.

Cashback Rewards: Earn cashback as store credits, either as a percentage or a fixed amount of your purchase, perfect for savings on future treatments.

Stay informed about our latest offers by subscribing to our newsletter and regularly checking the ‘My Coupons’ section of your account.

Loyalty Program: Points That Add Up

Our loyalty program is a token of our appreciation for your continued trust in our treatments. Here’s how it works: for every £5 spent, you earn one point. These points can be converted into store credits, offering real value on your purchases.

For instance, purchasing our popular ‘Satura® Rosta Balm’ for £159 will earn you 31 points. These points can then be exchanged for £6.20 in store credits, a substantial saving on your next purchase.

You can also earn points through various activities:

New User Registration: Start earning points immediately when you join our community.

First Order Completion: Celebrate your first purchase with bonus points.

Spending Milestones: Enjoy extra points when you reach specific spending thresholds.

Seasonal Promotions: Take advantage of special periods to earn additional points.

Stay Informed and Save

Our website and email communications are designed to keep you informed about these opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on potential savings and rewards.


Your journey towards healthier hair and skin is our priority at Satura UK. With our rotating monthly promotions and a rewarding loyalty program, we aim to enhance your experience with every treatment you choose.

Subscribe to our newsletter and regularly visit the ‘My Coupons’ section to fully benefit from the array of opportunities we offer.

Join us in a journey where each step is not only towards better care but also towards greater rewards.

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