Embark on a Skin Renaissance with Satura® EOS Treatments:

At the break of dawn, EOS emerges, symbolizing a new beginning. In the spirit of this rejuvenating energy, Satura® presents the EOS range – a line of natural skin treatments that herald a new era of skin health and beauty. Each product in the EOS collection is a testament to our commitment to harnessing the restorative powers of nature, combined with scientific innovation, to address a spectrum of skin concerns.

Purity Meets Innovation in Every Drop:

  • Revitalizing Skin Health: EOS products are meticulously crafted to improve skin condition, offering solutions that range from acne elimination to the prevention of premature aging.
  • Natural Alchemy: With a foundation in potent, natural ingredients, the EOS range works to stimulate metabolic processes, fortify blood vessel walls, and support the skin’s natural respiration.
  • Deep Cleansing and Restoration: The EOS lotions are not just treatments but a transformative experience for the skin, addressing conditions like rosacea, uneven pigmentation, and enlarged pores with a gentle yet effective touch.

Your Journey to Radiant, Resilient Skin:

Discover the transformative power of the Satura® EOS range. Each lotion, each treatment, is a step towards unveiling a complexion that is not only clear and youthful but also radiant with health. The EOS range is your ally in the pursuit of beauty that transcends the superficial, for skin that glows with vitality from within.

Join the Dawn of Advanced Natural Skincare:

Step into the light with Satura® EOS. As you integrate these treatments into your skincare regimen, you join a movement that values the purity of natural ingredients, the rigor of scientific research, and the art of skincare innovation. With EOS, every day is a new dawn for your skin.

EOS Platinum Lotion

Purify and prime with EOS Platinum Lotion.
  • Deeply cleanses for flawless skin
  • Firms and tones with natural efficacy
  • Boosts skin's natural radiance
  • Suitable for all skin types as a daily facial cleanser

EOS Platinum Plus Lotion

Rejuvenate nightly with EOS Platinum Plus Lotion.
  • Antiseptic properties for rash and sun damage repair
  • Improves skin texture and pigmentation
  • Soothes and heals overnight for a refreshed morning
  • Specially formulated for rosacea, redness, and itchy skin

EOS Gold Lotion

Elevate your acne care with EOS Gold Lotion.
  • Controls and reduces sebum production
  • Effective blackhead and acne treatment
  • Stimulates skin for a healthy complexion
  • Integral part of the EOS Acne Complex Treatment

EOS Rejuvenate Lotion

Rediscover youthful skin with EOS Rejuvenate Lotion.
  • Natural anti-wrinkle properties for a youthful glow
  • Eco-friendly sourced ingredients for pure skincare
  • Strengthens and revitalizes for a radiant complexion
  • A protective, rejuvenating formula for all skin types

EOS Ruby Lotion

Awaken your skin's natural glow with EOS Ruby Lotion.
  • Enhances complexion and texture
  • Stimulates skin's metabolic processes
  • Firms and revitalizes tired skin
  • Perfect for rosacea, revives pale, tired complexions

EOS Emerald Lotion

Soothe and protect with EOS Emerald Lotion.
  • Antiseptic properties for post-shave care
  • Anti-inflammatory for skin healing
  • Refreshes and firms the skin
  • Ideal for all skin types as a shave balm

EOS Bronze Lotion

Achieve a natural tan with EOS Bronze Lotion.
  • Stimulates a healthy tanning effect
  • Firms and tones for smoother skin
  • Ideal for oily skin and pre-holiday prep
  • Year-round, sunless glow enhancer

EOS Silk Hands Lotion

Cherish your hands with EOS Silk Hands Lotion.
  • Intensive hydration for dry hands
  • Fortifies and nourishes brittle nails
  • Provides immediate and lasting relief
  • Crafted for daily use with 100% natural ingredients